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Australian Higher Education in 2018 | The online push from universities | 2018 National student survey results | Subject Specialist Q&A | 2018 Studiosity Symposium | The future workforce | Plagiarism Prevention research | Raising writing skills | Equitable access for student success

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There's a large variety of news, blogs and videos in this third quarter Educator update, which we're excited to share.


HigherEd updates

Australian Higher Education in 2018

Whether it's looking at the decrease in the graduate gender pay gap, growing enrolments, or the investigation of effects of new policy changes, the latest status report from the Grattan Institute Mapping Australian higher education 2018 provides an overview analysis of the key HE facts and their context for this year.


2018 National Student Survey results

If you haven’t seen them yet, the results of the national student study and wellbeing report are now publicly available. You can download the full 2018 National Student Survey report [PDF] now.


Q&A with Subject Specialists

We often get asked about our specialists, and what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at Studiosity. To respond first hand, two of our Subject Specialists went on stage at the STARS conference (Students, Transitions, Achievement, Retention, Success) in New Zealand earlier this year to answer some of those most commonly asked questions. You can ‘peek behind the curtain’ and view the videos now, or sit back and read our latest blog post taking a look at the life of one of our Studiosity Specialist mentors.


2018 Studiosity Symposium

Thank you to the 26 universities and Higher Education institutions that attended our annual Symposium in August. It was fantastic to have so many great minds in the room, discussing the future of higher education and the student experience. We received so much positive feedback, and are looking forward to next year’s event. For those who didn’t join, you can find a recap of the 2-day event in our Symposium blog post. You can check out some of the highlights of the agenda:

  • Optimising QILT to improve the student experience

Lisa Bolton, Director, QILT Research and Strategy and Pam Muth, Executive Director, Education Research and Strategy, Social Research Centre 

Video recording, Slideshow presentation

  • Contract cheating in Australian higher education: Implications for teaching and learning

Associate Professor Tracey Bretag, Director, Academic Integrity, University of South Australia Business School 

Video recording, Slideshow presentation, Summary blog post

  • Teacherbot: Toward AI in Higher Education

Chris Tisdell, Professor and Director, Scientia Education Academy, University of New South Wales

Video recording, Slideshow presentation


To see all presentations from the event including those from the Grattan Institute, AIME Mentoring, and the university student panel, you can view them all here.


Tertiary education's relevance in the current and future workforce

A book that has recently done the rounds in the Studiosity office, Free-range Learning In the Digital Age by Dr Peter Smith, has been the cause of much discussion. CEO Mike Larsen shared his thoughts about how Dr Smith's theories could apply internationally, and founder Jack Goodman wondered, Is a Traditional University Degree the 21st Century Equivalent of Getting Trained for the Typing Pool?

How often do you give a 5-star rating?

Jack Goodman immersed himself in the mission to understand 'good customer experience' by becoming an Uber driver, and looking at how the 'experience' aspect applies to the increasingly competitive world of higher education.


2018 Plagiarism Prevention study results

Professor Marcia Devlin is heading up our current research project on students' attitudes towards plagiarism, and Studiosity's impact on their behaviour. 1,077 students in Australia, New Zealand and the UK participated. Enter your details in this form to be one of the first to receive a copy of the results, which will be released later this year.


Secondary Education

Raising writing skills for Australian students

Student writing skills have declined by nearly 24 points since 2011, according to the latest NAPLAN results data. Only 79.5% of Year 9 students met the minimum writing standards in the 2018 literacy test, compared to 84% in 2011. The question now is, how do we ensure students are supported to develop core writing skills, both in and out of school?


Equitable access for student success

Students from Xavier Catholic College in Hervey Bay talk about what it is like to have online support in a rural Australian town. Watch Principal Simon Dash talk at the CaSPA conference (Catholic Secondary Principals Australia) earlier this year about how "Equitable access to substantial support mechanisms is really important for student success'".


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