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77% indicated that after using Studiosity they checked their university's plagiarism policy

This study - with the participation of students across Australia, New Zealand and the UK - investigated students’ general attitudes towards plagiarism, to determine impact the Studiosity service can have on their abilities to avoid plagiarism. (Devlin & McKay, 2018)

Students (n = 1,077) reported that after using Studiosity:

Feelings: 73% felt clearer about plagiarism 
Behaviour: 77% checked their uni’s plagiarism policy
Attitudes: 83% were more determined to resist pressure to cheat
Skills: 84% improved their academic skills
Intentions: 72%  intended to be more careful with their referencing 
Awareness: 84% had greater awareness of the academic skills needed to avoid plagiarism
Knowledge: 58% knew more about how to avoid plagiarism in their written work

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