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Q1 2019-01
What do students want from a degree? | Student voices, a review of Studiosity | Peer-to-peer app released soon | Universities Australia Conference - with real, live students | Plagiarism prevention study results | Contract cheating, soon to be an offence? | Meeting the expectations of International students

Hello there,

Welcome to our first quarterly newsletter for 2019. With an amazing start to the year, we are excited to share with you all the updates for both Studiosity and the education sector, so please enjoy.


Student feedback on the value of their degree: Register to receive the national report

They’re often described as ‘customers’ of universities, but what do students really expect from their educational experience? AFR talked to CEO Mike Larsen about students’ attitudes towards the value of their degree. A recent study conducted by Studiosity found that nearly 49 per cent of the 1000 students surveyed said they did not believe the course they were studying was worth the money it cost. News.com estimates that Australian student loan debt had risen to $20 billion, a fair sum when around half regret their degree choice. Full results of the 2019 National Student survey will be available later this year, register here to be one of the first to receive the report.


Peer-assisted learning app available for Universities in 2019

Featured in The Australian earlier this month, Studiosity announced the upcoming release of a new peer-to-peer learning application. Later this year, the company will pilot a platform that will allow students to earn money from tutoring other students in specific courses at their university. In the Campus Morning Mail, Studiosity confirmed that the new platform seeks to complement the existing suite of support services provided by universities alongside Studiosity’s current Writing Feedback, Connect Live and Academic Writing Evaluation services.


Call for more student representation at Universities Australia events, after a successful 2019 conference  

Thank you for another memorable year at the Universities Australia conference. We were delighted to catch up with our university partners, and were especially proud to showcase some of our student users from the University of Canberra at our stand. Understanding the perspective of students is so important to what we do, and we hope you gleaned some insights from them.


First annual UK Symposium held in London, for 12 new university partners

Studiosity hosted its inaugural UK Partner Symposium at the beautiful Richmond American International University, London. With attendees from the majority of our 12 northern hemisphere partner universities as well as delegates and speakers from leading UK universities and Higher Education bodies, it was a huge success. Engaging speakers from Advance HE, Parthenon-EY and HEPI were a highlight, and we look forward to the next one.


Your students’ voices, watch the video review of their Studiosity experience  

Thousands of students connect with Studiosity every day to get help with their writing or study questions. In our latest video, some Studiosity student users explain how the service supports them through their studies, how it makes them feel and the main benefits for them.


Studiosity’s impact on plagiarism prevention - 2018 study results

Did you know that 84% of survey respondents reported their academic skills were improved after using Studiosity? The full report on the research project, headed up by Professor Marcia Devlin, is now available for download through this form.


Higher Education Standards Panel seeks to make contract cheating an offence

In a bid to target professional cheating services, a proposal by the Higher Education Standards Panel to make the provision or advertisement of contract cheating an offence has been put forward. The legislation is intended to target professional outfits rather than students, and will be an important step in promoting academic integrity in Australian Universities.


New Studiosity service: Academic Writing Evaluation (AWE)

Accessible for students by special arrangement, the Academic Writing Evaluation (AWE) service provides visibility into the academic writing skills of an entire student cohort, allowing your institution to identify specific areas in which students could benefit from additional support early in the semester. Students submit a short writing task, which is then assessed based on a comprehensive evaluation framework developed by the Studiosity Academic Services team. Insights are available to your institution via a self-service reporting system.


In the spotlight: Studiosity’s Chief Academic Officer, Professor Judyth Sachs

Professor Judyth Sachs talks about International Women's Day, the education sector and the importance of role models for young women in our blog. "Be yourself. It's exhausting trying to be someone you aren't".


How to keep up with student demands while maintaining academic integrity

Students are the lifeblood of a university. They drive our professionals to seek great outcomes and shape Australia's future, which is why their demands should shape the way universities provide educational support services. So, are universities understanding how the students of today want to learn?


International students are worth $30bn, but they may not be satisfied with their degrees

The number of international students at Australian universities is growing and it's important that we are able to provide them with support to reach their potential.  We must ensure that international students are leaving our universities satisfied with the level of education they have been offered. Research suggests, however, that this might not be the case.


With such an eventful start to 2019, we look forward to an exciting year ahead.


Best regards,

Chris Fitzpatrick

General Manager, Asia Pacific


Picture credit: Studiosity UK Partner Symposium 2019. From left: Prof Rebecca Bunting. Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Buckinghamshire New University, Victoria Hart, Academic Lead: Teaching & Learning at GSM London, Dermot Duffy, Marketing Manager Studiosity.