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Students-turn-tutors: online learning a lifelong influence

Ciaran Smyth

Jan 28, 2009

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the variety of backgrounds held by our Subjec Specialists.

Along with teachers and long-term private tutors, we have professors and doctors of various disciplines, research scientists and lab assistants, medical professionals and engineers - the list goes on.

It's fantastic to see such a diverse range of people showing an interest in, and aptitude for, online education in Australia.

Recently I've noticed a trend where students who have used Studiosity join the company on the "other side of the fence" and provide assistance to those still working through their high school studies.

One former student turned Specialist, said:

“In hindsight the one-to-one help really made a difference to me during school. It was a bit later after my degree that I came back to Studiosity, on the other side of the conversation, and it was a bit like hearing myself, with the same questions. And that’s what I want - it would be great if I could help a student like I was helped.”

It's heartening that these former students place such value and importance in the Studiosity service, and had such a good experience, that they then contribute their skills and knowledge to ensure that younger students across Australia continue to receive quality one-to-one online study help.

With more and more students using Studiosity, I can only see applications skyrocketing in just a few years!

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