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Multi-tasking myths

Sarah Crossing

Sarah Crossing

Jun 7, 2011

Even in the 1740s people were trying to do too much at the same time.
An English politician said about multi-tasking:
“There is time enough for everything in the course of the day, if you do but one thing at once, but there is not time enough in the year, if you will do two things at a time.” 
Today's younger generation are often said to be good at multi-tasking. But studies show now that multi-tasking simply dilutes each task. What does this mean for homework-time?
The way a teacher from south Brisbane recently explained it: The Studiosity Online Classroom offers focused learning. A student might have 15 web browser tabs open all at once - but the live Subject Specialist demands they give attention to that one, single task. 
Not only is this true - if a student decides to multi-task and delay their session's conversation, the Specialist will log out and help someone else!
The online sessions involve individual, unique learning outcomes every time. The one-to-one interaction demands that the student concentrate, and creates an environment where that is possible.
Thank you for the feedback that started this discussion!

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